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April Nutrition Seminar
Sports Nutrition: Optimal Fueling for Optimal Performance
Yael Dror M.Sc.

From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, sports has become a huge part of our culture. Unfortunately, many don't know how to fuel their body correctly before, during or after their given sport or training regimen. Sports nutrition is a separate field in the world of general nutrition which focuses on recommendations and guidelines for sport activity. The aim is improved physical performance by eating correctly.

Sports nutrition answers the question:
"What and when should I eat relative to type, time and duration of activity in order to maximize physical abilities and performance?"

Many studies over the years have shown that in order to improve your physical ability and improve in sports, the training program alone is not enough! Some experts even say that nutrition has about 70% of the effect on the body, post-exercise.

This lecture will focus on 4 important stages in Sports Nutrition:

1) Pre-exercise: How to eat before training? What type of carbohydrate is recommended? How to eat before a morning workout?
2) During exercise: What types of exercise is it important to eat during the training? How often? What kind food? What about fluids while training?
3) Post-exercise: Immediate recovery, what is the right timing for eating after a workout? What's important to eat? Protein? Carbohydrates?
4) Slow recovery phase after exercise: How to eat during the day to allow a good recovery from the training. What are the special guidelines after long endurance training?

Come join Yael Dror M.Sc, to understand and learn the world of Sports Nutrition and how it can benefit you!!!

Space is limited. Call to reserve your spot.

When: Saturday April 26th, 1-2pm
Where: PTX Fit, 108 Portola Rd.
Cost: Members Free, Non-Members $10
Contact: 650.248.6950


 5K4Play Registration is Now Open

Pacific THERx is proud to host our 3rd annual 5K4Play Run on Saturday May 10th.

Our run is a family-friendly 5K run or 2K walk along an out and back course in beautiful Portola Valley, hosted by the Pacific THERx Fitness and New Balance Silicon Valley.

Click here for more information and to register. See you on the course!!!


Boot Camp!!!

Every Saturday at 9 am.

The classes will be one hour, start with a dynamic warm-up & technique session, followed by to 2-3 Strength & Cardio circuits and end with a cool down & stretching period.

Each class will be coached by a different trainer every week to bring variety and excitement and all fitness levels are welcome.

Call 650.851.2338 for more information.

What: Boot Camp Class
When: Saturdays @ 9am
Where: PTX Fit, 108 Portola Road