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Our Approach

For 24 years Pacific THERx has provided you, the members of our community, with excellent services in rehabilitation and fitness. In 1999 we were the first clinical team to introduce a unique approach to rehabilitation in the US, bridging the gap between efficient, client-focused primary Orthopedic Manual & Sports Physical Therapy, one-on-one Personal Fitness Training and top-flight Sports Performance cultivation. We strive daily to perfect what we started. 

In 2023, we continue to provide the outstanding Fitness & Sports Performance training you have grown to expect in our Fitness Studio with our leading-edge personal fitness trainers, services and training methods, but we innovate once again.

With 24 years in PT Administrative Management and consulting, we have evolved our physical therapy division to a Physical Therapy MSO, a Management Service Organization, serving the needs of our physical therapist clients. As the profession of physical therapy has moved to a direct form of access to clients and the community as primary providers of physical therapy assessment, Pacific THERx will invigorate the profession of physical therapy by enhancing the ability of your physical therapist to focus on your care rather than the business of practice management. This will also allow individual physical therapists to achieve the professional and financial autonomy they long for and so richly deserve. Our Pacific THERx Administrative and Consulting team implements strategies for collaboration between our clients of highly trained and exceptional physical therapy private practice owners and our very own Pacific THERx Personal Fitness Training & Performance specialists. Expertly guiding them and you to INVIGORATE, ENHANCE, & ACHIEVE.

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