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Personal Fitness Training Studio

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Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training sessions cater to your unique goals and needs via a comprehensive and collaborative evaluation and assessment.  Pacific THERx takes a results-oriented approach and combines multiple training techniques that may include strength, flexibility, aerobic, anaerobic, agility, and balance exercises. Programs are designed to address the overall health and fitness of the client and include lifestyle modification techniques and nutritional guidance. Each PFT brings the perfect balance of encouragement, accountability, and drive to each session. Personal Fitness Training is performed most often on a one-to-one basis with our professionals, though we also accommodate couples and small group sessions. Using traditional and cutting edge equipment, special training modalities, client education, tracking and measuring of progress, we are able to yield quantifiable results that increase motivation and help you safely and effectively press forward to achieve your goals.  Advanced Sport Performance-enhancing programs are also available for clients who wish to refine their specific athletic performance. 

Why our Personal Trainers are Unique

At the Pacific THERx Fitness Center our professional Personal Fitness Training associates hold at minimum a Bachelors degree in kinesiology, athletic training, exercise physiology or related fields, along with advanced training certifications. Special care is taken to ensure only the most highly skilled trainers are part of the staff at Pacific THERx. The most exclusive aspect of their professional development is that all our Personal Fitness Trainers (PFTs) are mentored in the physical therapy practice as exercise instructors for several months or more.  This apprenticeship elevates their expertise for recognizing clients with pathology and how, with the physical therapist’s guidance, these clients can be safely progressed in a non-rehabilitation setting and move you smoothly & safely from rehabilitation to a lifetime of fitness or optimal sports performance.

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