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New Client Information

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

For your Initial Physical Therapy Visit:

  • You will receive your physical therapy patient forms through our Electronic Medical Records Portal WebPT via email to be completed at your leisure.  Please complete the forms in full and bring them to your initial physical therapy appointment.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled initial appointment time to be sure there is plenty of time to check-in with our client liaison, make sure all your forms are completed, and your administrative and billing questions are answered to your satisfaction.  

  • Bring your insurance card*, photo identification*, and physician referral/prescription for physical therapy**.   


*We adhere to an Identity Theft Prevention Program. For this reason, we ask that you present photo identification at the time of registration. We appreciate your cooperation in assisting us with protecting your identity and the prevention of identity theft.

**Although Direct Access to physical therapy services is available in California, when you are able, please bring a referral from your surgeon or physician to your initial visit with our physical therapist. Please contact a member of our patient liaison team at  650-851-1145 and they can help answer any related questions to Direct Access. (Paule please link to the blurb on “Direct Access”)

  • Please dress or bring with you exercise clothing and exercise shoes as appropriate.  Your clothing should enable the physical therapist easy access to the involved region.  For example, loose shorts are best for lumbar spine and leg issues, tank tops or sports bras, for neck and arm issues.

Initial Visit

Insurance Coverage

Our friendly and helpful patient liaisons will be happy to verify your healthcare benefits and clearly explain these to you.  Information communicated to us by your health insurance company may not always be accurate and may vary regarding certain aspects of your individual benefits plan.  However, it is the patient’s responsibility to understand their health insurance benefits.

Some plans will give you an option to utilize “Out-Of-Network” benefits.

For most patients, these payments will be due at the time of your visit, as are any co-pays or costs of your visit that fall under the “not allowed” by your insurance carrier. As a courtesy, our patient liaisons will handle submitting all physical therapy claims directly to your insurance carrier for you.


Individualized payment plans are available to those without coverage and our team will work with you to customize a plan based on your individual needs. 

We are a Medicare-approved provider and bill as non-assigned. We handle and submit billing for all patients directly to the insurance carrier, your secondary, and/or supplemental.


Cancellation Policy

Please contact us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.  You can do this by calling 650-851-1145.  We often have patients on a waiting list. If you cancel in a timely manner, we can then contact those patients to fill your slot. Otherwise, you will be charged a $200.00 Cancellation Fee for missed appointments without 48 hours notice.  If you have a Monday appointment you must contact us on the Friday prior to canceling or you will be charged a Cancellation Fee.  If you are late for an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, please call 650-851-1145 ASAP.  We will try our best to adjust the schedule to accommodate you.  However, if that is not possible and your appointment is canceled and/or rescheduled for a future date the Cancellation Fee will apply. 

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