COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Re-Opening of our Fitness Training Center


In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic the first tenet of Pacific THERx has been and continues to be “do all we can to keep staff, clients, and community safe and healthy”.  No decision is made without development and implementation of policies and procedures that optimize our ability to do just that.  As our physical therapy department has continued to operate since March 17, 2020 as ‘essential’, we have continued to be successful in doing so. As we carefully and thoughtfully, with the science in mind, open our Fitness Training Center this week, the exact same safety procedures and protocol we have been practicing in our healthcare facility will be implemented.  In addition, we will have available a new Outdoor Training Pad for those who prefer to perform their workouts outdoors. 


It is incumbent upon each of us, staff and clients, to consider how our actions and activities might impact others we come in contact with at Pacific THERx and elsewhere in our community.  While we are implementing all the actions below, the actions we each take or fail to take outside of a Pacific THERx facility determines what we may bring into a Pacific THERx facility.  The more we each do to follow the scientifically based recommendations to prevent transmission of the disease in our community as we go about our daily lives, the more we decrease the risk for us all when we come to our facilities.  It is our goal to continue to provide the exceptional care and wellness services this community has appreciated for over 20 years. Keeping Pacific THERx COVID-19 free will insure we can continue to do so in the year ahead.  Please do your part, we will do all we can to continue do ours. 



What we are doing….


  • Daily each staff member before entering our facilities or working with any client, must complete an attestation of being symptom free, of normal body temperature, and no contact with known COVID-19 positive individuals.  This is monitored by the Director each morning. 


  • All staff members entering our facilities and working with clients are tested weekly for active COVID-19.


  • All staff members are trained and observe strict hygiene requirements of hand washing/sanitizing and are required to wear a NIOSH valveless N95 or FDA approved KN95 mask at all times when working with clients.


  • Physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet between clients is strictly observed and we minimize, when possible, the physical interaction between staff and clients.  


  • Our staff disinfects all equipment utilized with every client, after each client. 


  • Our staff disinfects high touch surfaces several times a day and our facilities are cleaned every night. No persons who are not staff or clients are allowed to enter our facilities without strict permission and must follow strict guidelines to prevent pathogen transmission. 




What we ask you to do…


  • Please wait outside on our benches/chairs or in your vehicle until our a staff member can escort you into the facility.  Fitness Center clients will be allowed only to enter and exit from the front door.  Do not arrive early and expect to enter the facility. You will not be allowed in as we must limit the number of individuals in the facilities at all times.


  • You must wear a face covering before entering our facility and it must be worn properly to cover your nose, mouth, and chin the entire time you are visiting our facility.  To optimize your safety and those of our staff, we prefer you wear a NIOSH valveless N95 or a FDA approved KN95 mask if you can. 


  • You must attest each time upon entering our facilities that you are symptom free, of normal body temperature, and have had no contact with known COVID-19 positive individuals. 


  • Upon entering and leaving the facility, and anytime our staff  asks you to, you must wash your hands for 20 seconds at our bathroom sinks or utilize hand sanitizer that we provide around our facility.


  • Do your part to be aware and maintain a minimum of 6 feet physical distancing from other clients and staff who you are not working directly with. 


  • We ask that you limit any items you bring into the facility and all must be disinfected upon entering with the disinfecting wipes we provide. If you do not wish to do this please refrain from bringing personal items into the facilities.  The only items allowed are:


           Small wallet or bag

           Water bottle



  • Cubbies are available and will be disinfected by our staff after each use.  Lockers are no longer available.


  • Our staff will disinfect all the exercise and therapy equipment after each use, but please drop smaller items you have used into our black plastic “DISINFECT ME BIN” such as pulley handles, exercise mats, balance pads, jump ropes, exercise bands, balance dowels, etc.  This way you are assured that any item you use in the gym has been disinfected. You are not required to disinfect equipment yourself.  


  • We will continue to provide towels, but please keep them close and carry it with you to each of your training pad locations.  Be sure to leave them in the used towel bin when done. 


  • You may utilize the restrooms which will be cleaned and disinfected regularly but absolutely no showers are allowed until further notice. 


  • Clients will refrain from using TV remotes. Staff will be happy to help you. 


  • The ‘chalk’ bins have been removed from the Fitness Center.  No chalk is allowed to be utilized in the Fitness facility until further notice. 

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