COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Another Day, Another Change


Greetings to you all! The COVID-19 crisis continues to demand constant adaptation to change for all of us.  Once again the State of California Department of Health and the San Mateo County Health Department have issued an order as of midnight August 1, 2020 to discontinue indoor fitness/gym activities throughout the county.  While this does not effect the continuation of our “Essential” Physical Therapy practice, it means that our Personal Fitness Training (PFT) activities will all have to move to our Outdoor Exercise Pod at the back of our 108 Portola Road building, an outdoor location of your choice, or online via TeleFIT, until further notice. Bootcamp Classes will continue online via TeleFIT.


At this time we are reassessing our Gym Membership policies and will have an announcement later this week for our Members.


We continue to do our best to keep our clients, staff, and community safe and healthy.


Our Outdoor PFT activities continue to require the following:


To utilized the Outdoor Exercise Pod you must wait for your PFT on one of the benches outside in front of the facility at 108 Portola Road and they will walk you to your Outdoor Exercise Pod. 


Masks/face-coverings required by clients if not socially distanced at least 10 feet away from staff and others. All staff will be required to continue KN95 mask usage if not 10 feet distanced from clients outdoors. 


Hand washing or sanitizing required before and after starting a training session. Sanitizer will be available.


Attestations from each client for COVID symptoms, COVID exposure, and body temperature will continue to be required before you begin your workout. Please take your own temperature at home prior to coming to the facility.


Sanitizing wipes will be utilized by your PFT to disinfect your equipment after each use. 


Please bring your own water and water bottle. You will only be allowed in the facility through the back door to wash your hands or use the restroom if necessary.  


Please limit the number of personal items you bring with you unless they are absolutely necessary. 


With your help we will get through this crisis safely together. 





Lisa D. Green, PT, MOMT, MPT, ATC


Pacific THERx Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, & Fitness


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