PORTOLA VALLEY: Physical Therapy 650-851-1145   |   Fitness Center 650-851-2338
Therapy 650-851-1145   |   Fitness 650-851-2338
GO THERx in San Francisco: 415-813-1662
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Weekly Fitness Classes Pacific THERx Spin Class - Change up your regular cardio work out with a fun and inspiring spine Pacific THERx Spin class! Open to all fitness levels!
Instructor - Mallory Celeya
Tue & Thu    9-10am 

Boot Camp - Are you an early riser that looks to get their workout in before the sun comes up? Then Pacific THERx Boot Camp is your exercise class! Pacific THERx Boot Camp gets your motor pumping to start you day off right. Open to all ages and fitness levels!
Instructor - Mallory Celeya
Tue & Thu    6am-7am


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Upcoming Fitness Events & Workshops

All upcoming fitness events and workshops are posted on Eventbrite We always have something on the schedule and would love for you to join us. - CLICK HERE

Yoga Workshops - We offer Yoga workshops to help with: Neck & Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Foot & Ankle Pain and Low Back Pain. There are workshops that cover Yoga Basics and Proper Alignment in Yoga. We have Yoga workshops designed for golfers, cyclists and runners.

Equestrian Workshops - The Pacific THERx "Riding Strong" Equestrian Events cover everything from a Solid Base in the Saddle to Equestrian Fitness.

In addition to scheduled events, PacificTHERx is a part of local runs and cycling events in the area. Contact the Pacific THERx Fitness Center to learn more. Review Upcoming LIVE Pacific THERx Events & Workshops on Eventbrite.

Physical Therapy Office

150 Portola Road, Suite B
Portola Valley, CA 94028
Phone: (650) 851-1145
Email: info@pacifictherx.com

Fitness Center

108 Portola Road
Portola Valley, CA 94028
Phone: (650) 851-2338
Email: fitness@pacifictherx.com

GO THERx - San Francisco

2211 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: (415) 813-1662
Email: GOTHERx@Pacifictherx.com
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