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Therapy 650-851-1145   |   Fitness 650-851-2338
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Pacific THERx has been providing sports medicine for our community for over 17 years. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive Sports Medicine Program similar to professional sports teams for all athletes. Pacific THERx provides highly trained and skilled Certified Athletic Trainers for all levels of sports including high school, college, club and professional. Our Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning Specialists provide true "professional" care for our clients.

Covering Teams, Individuals &
Staffing for Tournaments

We are proud partners with The Shield Champion Olympic Club Rugby Team and Mercy High School Burlingame Athletic program as well as other teams. We cover individuals and provide comprehensive medical staffing for tournaments.

  • Certified Athletic Trainers
  • Certified Sports Physical Therapist
  • Emergency Medical Resopnder
  • ATC equipment and Supplies
  • Sport Injury Evaluation
  • Sports Injury Risk Screens
  • Pre/Post Concussion management
  • Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

What is ATC - Why is it Important?

ATC is a professional credential that identifies an individual as a Certified Athletic Trainer. In order to receive this credential, one must graduate from a four-year, accredited college athletic training program and pass the requisite exam given by the NATABOC, National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification.

The AMA, American Medical Association, has recognized Athletic Training, as an allied healthcare profession since 1990. Certified Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals who play a vital role on the sidelines. They screen for and identify concussions and there at every level of care - injury prevention, assessment and diagnosis, to treatment and rehabilitation, Certified Athletic Trainers are expert in orthopedic and musculoskeletal disciplines and fully understand a wide range of medical conditions both emergent and chronic. Athletic Trainers know athletes best. Having an AT on the field means concussions are more likely to be diagnosed, injured athletes have better outcomes, and both recovery time and long-term health are greatly improved.

Community Outreach

Annual 5K4Play - An annual 5K run and 2K walk race in Portola Valley to benefit BAWSI - Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative and Impala Racing Team. Through this event, we celebrate the importance of fitness and support the work of the BAWSI and Impala Racing Team! This race is a part of the Pacific Association USATF Grand Prix. Visit 5K4Play on Facebook.

The Pen Velo Burlingame Criterium - Pacific THERx is pleased to sponsor the annual Pen Velo Burlingame Criterium

Pacific THERx Sponsored Cooking Class - We are always thrilled to be a part of the healthy fun at the Portola Valley Farmer's Market. Come out and enjoy the PV Farmers' Market at Portola Valley Town Center, THURSDAYS year-round. Winter hours 2-5pm and Summer hours. 2-6pm. Find all the latest news and great foodie posts from the PVFM on Facebook.

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GO THERx - San Francisco

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