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September Nutrition Seminar

Blood Test: A Map to Understanding Your Health

Presented by PTX Nutritionist
Yael Dror, M.Sc


Blood tests results are a "secret map" to understanding your health. They show if your sugar and cholesterol levels are high, or if you suffer from a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals.   


That's why understanding your blood test results is so important. They help you figure out what you need to change in your nutritional habits and activities, to improve your health and overall feel throughout the day. 


This seminar will focus on how you can improve your health, reduce the risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and anemia by understanding your blood tests results.  


The seminar will also explain the different types of blood tests, the significance of each test, and tips on how to improve them by changing your eating habits and physical activity.


Come learn how you can improve your health by understanding your "secret map"!


Call to reserve a space.


When: September 20th  


Where: PTX Fit

            108 Portola Rd.

Contact: 650.851.2338

Cost: Free  



Weekday Early Morning Boot Camp!!!

Every Monday & Wednesday at 6 am.

The classes will be one hour, start with a dynamic warm-up & technique session, followed by to 2-3 Strength & Cardio circuits and end with a cool down & stretching period.

Each class will be coached by a different trainer every week to bring variety and excitement. All fitness levels are welcome.

Call 650.851.2338 for more information.

What: Boot Camp Class
When: Monday & Wednesday @ 6am
Where: PTX Fit, 108 Portola Road