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Our client's storied, their rewarding experiences and positive outcomess are things we love to hear. Our physical therapy patients and fitness clients regularly share their thoughts via email and online review sites, These are just some of the things they have said. If you would like us to share your story, we would love to hear from you too!

Physical Therapy Reviews

Pacific THERx is where physicians go when they need physical therapy. The therapists are focused on providing individual care, so you don't feel like you're at a PT factory like at other places. I have a neck injury, and because of Pacific THERx, I can lead a relatively pain-free life.
Tara - Palo Alto

I highly recommend Pacific THERx for physical therapy. Everyone there is professional and friendly and quite knowledgeable.
Dave - La Honda

They even spent time watching movies of the type of dancing my daughter, does to better understand the kinds of moves she does and help prepare her for going back. Most importantly, my daughter has made rapid and significant improvements. She's stronger now than she's been in a long time.
Physical Therapy Patient - San Jose

Prior to finding Pacific THERx I had been to several PT's over the last 20 years and I can honestly say that they deserve 5 stars!
Melinda - Redwood City

You cannot go wrong with Pacific THERx. Lisa Green and her team are the most caring professional team I have ever met. I have gone there several times. The expertise level is amazing and the team is awesome. This should be your first stop if possible. Can't say enough. 
Physical Therapy Client - Portola Valley

Lisa Green and her team are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful and supportive throughout one's recovery. They have helped our family recover from sports-related injuries in the past 15 years - back, knees, neck. I have totally recovered from 2 ACL knee surgeries, which require extensive and long rehabs. I worked with everyone at Pacific THERx and they are all competent and caring. They are also very meticulous and efficient with all insurance paperwork. Great team and highly recommend them.
Rosalie - Menlo Park

Pacific THERx is a top-notch PT practice. Several years ago I was referred to Lisa Green after surgery for a torn meniscus. I had to delay the start of PT due to a blood clot. When I literally cried because my quad wouldn't respond, she encouraged me and helped me understand physiologically what was happening and what I could do to strengthen it. She is extremely knowledgeable and has assembled an awesome staff.
Melinda - Redwood City

Without Lisa Green and the staff at Pacific THERx I would still be out of work and too banged up to move. After trying 4 other physical therapist I was directed to see Lisa Green as she has expertise in seemingly all things medical. Not only did Lisa effectively treat my aching spine she also treated and completely resolved a debilitating chronic muscle spasm problem I have had since I was a teenager. I only wish I met her years ago. Highly, highly recommended.
CC - San Francisco

If you need PT this place is for you. Lisa Green and her staff are amazing. The skill level is without question. I needed PT after knee surgery and attribute the excellent results in part to my post-op work done here. My husband has had many knee surgeries and his results are also excellent. Choosing the surgeon is critical, but make no mistake, your PT is just as important.
Isabel - San Carlos

It was so reassuring to see someone who was familiar with all the bizarre symptoms my leg was experiencing. Without her, I don't know that I would ever have restored the fully mobility of my foot, or recovered from the chronic pain and discomfort I was in at the time. Neurological issues are very complex, but Lisa helped retrain my nervous system so it did not overreact to every stimulus, real or imagined! When the nerves would suddenly misfire in a jolt of pain for no reason, she was not worried. If she was worried about something (the calf swelling), she would tell me so. It was comforting to have someone who understood your condition, believed you really did have it, and know how to treat it in a gentle manner without bombarding the nerves with more pain . And she took time to pull out an anatomy book from time to time to explain things to me along the way.
Yvonne - Sunnyvale

Wonderful physical therapy place! My mother had a slight stroke after Christmas and went here for rehabilitation. The staff is so caring and hardworking. They not only helped my mom with rehabilitating her leg from the stroke, but also made very helpful suggestions for her other health issues, as well. I'm ashamed to admit that we originally picked them because they are 2 blocks from our house, but if I needed physical therapy in the future I would only go here even if I lived 2 towns away!
Mary - Portola Valley

I have severe osteoarthritis and have had two joint replacements on my knees, two on my hips and one on my shoulder. The other shoulder needs replacing but I'm getting by now with injections. I have also had two back surgeries. I found this excellent physical therapy clinic, owned by Lisa Green, through a random comment from a nurse at Stanford Medical Center who said that she had heard that it was an extraordinary place. She was right, and I have cycled through all my surgeries with Lisa and her staff with nothing but extreme gratitude for having found them.
Maribeth - Sunnyvale

As someone who has had four hip replacements I think I know a thing or two about physical therapy and therapists... All the time I was in treatment, I was aware also of the interest and supervision of Pacific THERx's owner and head PT Lisa Green, whose wisdom, after years of experience and expertise, was much appreciated. The outcome of my hip surgery rehab is fantastic.. I was able to shed my cane after only a few visits and after less than two months I am pain-free and doing very well. In fact, I believe my surgical leg is now stronger than my other leg! Unfortunately, I will have to have a left hip revision done soon due to problems with metal on metal implants, but fortunately I will be heading back to Pacific THERx when it is time for PT!
Jennifer - San Francisco

Right after knee surgery I had several complications including a DVT & my internist recommended Lisa Green at Pacific THERx for physical therapy. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and her staff makes you feel very welcome. I've been in physical therapy in the past with other physical therapists and no one has been as thorough as Lisa has been. If it sounds like I'm a raving fan, I am!
Melinda - Redwood City

A dedicated professional, she employs staff who are as impressive as she is. I have seen several other of her staff for physical therapy appointments over the years, when Lisa was at a conference, for example, and they all follow Lisa's strict standards for treatment. Her physical therapy assistants are also top-notch. They all hold BAs in related fields and come to Pacific Therx to do some clinical training, and many of them go on to get their MAs in physical therapy. Then many of them come back to work for Lisa. That says a lot about her training standards and professionalism.
Maribeth - Sunnyvale

Pacific THERx is really wonderful. All the therapists are amazing - as are all the support staff and aids. They truly care about your well-being and getting you on the road to healing as quickly as possible. Lisa Green is awesome and she runs a fabulous group. They are the best!
Wendy W

A retired doctor friend recommended PacificTHERx so highly that, despite a longer drive, I followed her advice. SO GLAD I did! Lisa Green cured me of numbness and discomfort from an injury to my sciatic nerve that had happened nine years earlier. With a combination of home exercises prescribed for me and regular visits to Lisa Green, my back was so much better. Lisa knows the body SO well.
Elizabeth D

These folks are FABULOUS! They are careful, knowledgeable, kind and supportive. I was terrified of surgery but Lisa Green coaxed me gently through the process, working with me before and after. It has completely changed my life. I definitely recommend Pacific THERx to anyone with a body! Go before your next big ski trip, to get the exercises you'll need to prevent injury. Go for an annual checkup to make sure you're not compensating in ways that you're not even aware of. Just go and let them help you take good care of yourself.
Susan K

Fitness & Personal Training

Pacific THERx provides excellent service on so many levels. The physical therapy and rehab office helps you through those first few awful weeks after an injury, getting you back to functionality and everyday, pain-free living. The fitness center (in a separate building just across the same business complex) can help you improve fitness, reach competitive or health goals, and prevent future injury. The staff is 100% professional and responsive. They have excellent equipment and are always upgrading and innovating. Most importantly, they are never cavalier with your health or safety. I can't recommend Pacific THERx highly enough. If you are injured or just want to improve your fitness, you will not find a better team to help you through the process.
Gwyn - Redwood City

If you are looking for a gym that prides itself on personal attention to your fitness goals Pacific THERx is just what you are looking for. My daughter ( a 17 year old athlete)... her goals are sport specific while mine are weight loss and stamina, and core strength to help a stiff back. The key to personal training for us has always been that 'click' ...challenging workouts that are varied and never the same any of the 3 days we train a week... The gym is a great space, warm and friendly. We live in Palo Alto and have many fitness options in our backyard, but I can't imagine any place as great as Pacific THERx !!
Jennifer - Palo Alto

My wife and I are benefiting from almost daily use of the fitness center with our family membership. Although we manage our own workout regime, (the) staff are always happy to help us with proper equipment use and new exercises. We also take advantage of free services such as twice a week spin-bike sessions. And, the staff and other clients are so friendly. A great place to elevate that heart rate and work off a few pounds.
Gary - Portola Valley

Been a longtime member of Pacific THERx Physical Therapy & Fitness. The people there know there business and Lisa Green and her staff are knowledgeable, friendly and help you with your Fitness and/or PT Needs!! Highly recommend them to anyone.
Robert M

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